We get it. Type in “EDM” on Google and this is mostly what you’ll see. While this is popular with the crowd today, it didn’t start out this way.

EDM’s Early Beginnings

EDM stands for electronic dance music and it did not start out this way. In its inception, it was first known as House & Disco pioneered by DJ’s such as Frankie Knuckles in the 70’s & 80s. Knuckles (pictured below) is known as the Godfather of House music. It was his appearance at The Warehouse, a Chicago Club, where he popularized the genre.

More Roots to Follow

This is just one instance of history that is overlooked when considering today’s modern approach to EDM. Most of the sounds have gotten lost in translation (or computer software). But we’re here to highlight EDM’s early sounds as well as those that inspired by it.

Stay tuned for more details on the subject. In the meantime, check out these sounds from Frankie Knuckles.